It is with sincerer joy that we at AMG join the entire nation in felicitating with Ghana’s farmers; and congratulating them, not just for another year of feeding the nation, but for the resilience they showed pulling Ghana through the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The second quarter’s GDP growth report of the Ghana Statistical Service clearly showed that, whilst growth in the Industrial and Services sectors contracted during the peak of Covid-19 rage, Agriculture led with the highest growth of 2.5%. We consider this a sterling performance worth celebrating.

As Ghana’s leading importer of fertilizer, AMG equally plays a critical role in Feeding Ghana by helping our hard working farmers to increase both crop and food production in a sustainable manner.

Little wonder, AMG, which has been in operation since 2012, has steadily grown to become, not just a pacesetter in the country’s agricultural sector, but a dependable and accessible farmers’ partner with an expansive nationwide distribution network for easy reach and optimum customer service.

With one of the most visible local presence, we aim at improving nutrient efficiency, yielding healthier crops, increasing farmer returns and changing livelihoods of farmers to ensure food security and sustainable production of the agricultural

Hence, with a mind set on providing small scale to large scale farmers with a crop nutrition products and strategy that guarantees them high yields, we strategically adapt cheaper but very cost effective crop nutrition combinations. This means our continuous innovative development of wide ranges of quality fertilizer products and related services.

AMG’s key mission is to create specialized and quality plant-feeding nutrition solutions for farmers. This approach, along with our in-depth understanding, is supporting us in ensuring the survival of the entire value chain through the supply of our products to the remotest parts of the Ghana.

Currently, AMG has ten (10) warehouses across the country for storage; and we provide transport to cart agricultural inputs across the length and breadth of the country; while continuously engaged in the training and creation of farmer groups to build capacity in order to increase their yield.

Quality Assurance

Safety, security, traceability and quality are integral to all aspects of AMG’s business from our people to our products.

Quality assurance relies on well trained, motivated and professional people, and AMG is proud to have such a staff across its operations.


Our mission to strengthen the future has also led to the construction of the state of the art Plant Prescription Unit, to support the production of tailor-made fertilizers, in order to meet the specific needs of farmers.

Consequently, AMG has made significant investments, especially in the administrative and operational processes that are essential to achieving impeccable quality assurance and sustained satisfactory customer service.

We have invested in our modern production sites with the State-of-the-art blending, screening, coating and bagging machines that ensure clean, free flowing, size-matched products. We understand that computer controlled plants ensure accuracy, so we have left no stone unturned in that regard.

With such an investment into our production system, it easy to understand when we say that we have a wide range of products, from blends to complex compounds, which are tailored for specific needs.

Environmental Values

As a company that enhances efficiency to strengthen agriculture, AMG places environmental protection at the forefront through a wide range of actions.

We develop special solutions which are strong, effective and highly competitive crop nutrition products to growers.

Job Provision
As part of our extensive operations, AMG is responsible for the direct employment of approximately 200 permanent staff and about 5000 contract workers, contributing significantly to the growth and stability of the sector and the nation as a whole.

Partnerships And Developments

The evidence that the crop nutrition landscape needed more indigenous actors to offer support and confidence to our farmers increased the drive for local and international partnerships. The objective here being to develop innovative and specific enhanced efficiency fertilizers solutions to meet the needs of different farmer groups, in different zones, with different climate systems and different needs.

Supporting our Community

We support women, quality education, good health, and well-being. AMG believes that women, quality education, good health and well-being have always been the sustaining backbone of the farming businesses; and it is fulfilling giving women and farmers the access to the resources they need to further boost and strengthen them in delivering outstanding results.

These values and expectations inform AMG’s support and promotion of the agenda of women, education and health related activities. Thus, AMG’s key areas of sustainability, which serve as the bedrock on which the AMG foundation has been built, are WOMEN, HEALTH and EDUCATION.

Today, AMG has established one of the most preferred brands in Ghana.

To our diligent and hardworking farmers, we say: Ayeeko-o!

Mr. Ernest Akwasi Appiah
Managing Director
AMG Fertilizers

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