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As Ghana’s leading importer of fertilizer, AMG plays a critical role in Feeding Ghana by helping growers to increase both crop and food production in a sustainable manner. We’ll keep improving and innovating because they are essential for achieving shared success and satisfaction that can be shared with our numerous farmers, customers, investors and other stakeholders that rely on long-term profitability of our business.


Our fertilizer has advantage of reducing fungal infections by strengthening and maintaining the integrity of the cell wall of the cocoa pods.

N-P-K Sources

Looking for a fertilizer to provide a direct source of nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium?  AMG offers a wide variety of fertilizers which come with a unique nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium combination.

We train to Increase yield

Training and educating farmers on how to use our products in order to increase and maximise productivity.

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We Enhanced Fertility

Our Brands

Cocoa Nti

Cocoa Nti is a 100% cocoa fertilizer, enriched with plant  nutrient capable of sustaining and extending the lifespan of the cocoa trees, ensuring high yield and high productivity.


It comes with a very high nitrogen content which makes it an ideal product for encouraging strong vegetative growth and development.

NPK 25-10-10+TE

This product offers an alternative for growers seeking a very high source of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and a variety of trace element essential for cereal production.

Urea 46% N

It presents the highest form of nitrogen ideal for high nitrogen consuming crops, improves soils quality and increase yield

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